Tea Together is a leading supplier of jams, marmalades, honeys and condiments to luxury hotels worldwide. Our products are prepared and cooked by hand in small batches using copper basins. We don't believe in adding pectin or other gelling agents and instead rely on the savoir-faire of our team of expert jam-makers to achieve a perfect natural set.

We love to work on special products and are very accomplished at creating exclusive flavours for our executive chef clients as well as bespoke labels to reflect the hotel brand. Attention to detail, customer service and quality are the core values we live by.

Our Story

Tea Together was established in the mid-90s by Nick & Judy Gifford, two documentary film-makers from London who were lucky enough to find a way to combine their passions for France and good food by moving to the French countryside and setting up an organic jam business.

Twenty years later with Nick & Judy's son Eli at the helm, Tea Together now supplies many of the most prestigious hotels in the world with delicious jams, marmalades, honeys and an ever-expanding range of condiments.

We are situated in the iconic town of Le Touquet Paris-Plage, long a favourite bolthole of English and French bon-vivants.

The success of our jams is down to our careful selection of the best fruit and sugar and the skill of our team in cooking them. We use whole fruit and raw cane sugar and 99% of our ingredients are certified organic. Judging when a jam is cooked is left to feel and instinct instead of relying on timers and other measuring instruments.